The Census is the cornerstone of American democracy. Let’s get counted!

Every ten years, our country completes a census to count every living person in the United States. Census data informs the distribution of billions of federal dollars every year to each state and community for resources, infrastructure, and services like roads, health clinics, and schools. The census is the cornerstone of American democracy, and it is the most inclusive tool we have to be seen and represented. Our families and undocumented community members count! 

Nuestra Casa completed its work on this campaign in October 2020. Despite the onset of a global pandemic, poor air quality due to a long and intense fire season, and confusion and fear in our community related to the census, East Palo Alto’s response rates exceeded our expectations and the 2010 response rate (62.5%). We’re proud that our collaborative efforts resulted in a final response rate for East Palo Alto of 66%.