Teaching English is part of our DNA.

Our English Language Program has been a part of our DNA since our early days and continues to be an essential strategy for opening doors for our neighbors. Our graduates find that being able to communicate in English is crucial tool to succeed economically, advocate for their families, and lead their communities towards comprehensive quality-of-life improvements.

Our English Language Program classes include multiple activities designed to build students’ confidence, such as reading and writing, structured conversation exercises with classmates, and singing-alongs to catchy songs with on-screen lyrics. Former students have gone on to the Adult School at Sequoia High School and secured jobs in English-speaking environments. 

We’ve moved our classes online to address COVID-19 safety precautions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anybody who wants to learn English and lives in San Mateo County or Santa Clara County is eligible. Typically, our students live in East Palo Alto, Belle Haven, and North Fair Oaks and other mid-peninsula neighborhoods.
Send an email to info@nuestracasa.org. We will register you and provide the class link so you can join.
We are working on the Fall schedule now. Check back here or follow us on our Facebook page (@NuestraCasaEPA) for updates.
Yes. The cost of books is between $25-$30. Book scholarships are available.
You only need to cover the cost of your books.
You can join the class after it has started, but you will be responsible for reviewing previous lessons. Make an appointment for individual help with the teacher to catch up!
While the class is remote, no childcare is available.
Yes, all levels are welcome.
Yes. The class uses a bilingual style in which the teacher will speak in both languages, as needed, but the use of only English is encouraged and increases as the class advances.
You need to be able to check email and use a computer, phone, or tablet to join the class via the link provided.
Homework assignments vary from listening to a song while you do other things, to completing a written exercise in the workbook.