Belinda Magallon


Belinda Magallon, our Environmental Justice Fellow, is a Bay Area local with a deep appreciation for our region’s natural beauty. Growing up in San Leandro, she couldn’t ignore the increasing impact of climate change on our communities, prompting her to take action.

Belinda’s ability to seamlessly blend her policy expertise with genuine community engagement sets her apart as a transformative advocate for positive change. As a Graduate Student Consultant at Alameda County Housing and Community Development Department, Belinda honed her skills in community development and policy analysis. Her Master’s capstone focused on developing policy recommendations for Alameda County’s consideration.

With prior experience as a Constituent Services representative and congressional internships, she gained a unique perspective on legislative processes. Her hands-on roles as a Recreation Specialist and Recycling and Solid Waste Intern showcased her commitment to sustainability at the community level.

Belinda’s passion for equity and effective policies led her to pursue a Master of Public Policy at UC Berkeley. Her drive to address inequities motivates her transformative advocacy for positive change. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Government at California State University – East Bay. In her free time, Belinda enjoys soccer, tennis, hiking, and solo adventures. Connect with Belinda on LinkedIn.

The Environmental Justice Fellow position is supported by the Victor and Lorraine Honig Initiative for Bay Area Social and Economic Justice at Tides Foundation. Grants are intended to provide funding for a new and needed position in a nonprofit organization-in 2023 the Initiative focused on water justice. Learn more at