Carmela Meehan


Carmela Meehan grew up in San Mateo County and has always had an appreciation for the cultural richness and diversity of the area. After graduating from UC Santa Cruz with a degree in Community Studies and a focus on social justice for farmworkers, she moved to Mexico for four years. During this time she connected deeply with the people, the traditions, the Spanish language, and the push and pull of migrating to and from the U.S. that many people experience. 

Carmela then returned to San Mateo County to support immigrant communities. Alongside this work, she continued to support her partner’s handmade jewelry business, which began in Mexico. During the last 14 years, Carmela has advocated for the Latinx communities through collaborating on programs and projects in leadership, youth development, immigration legal services, education, housing, and arts and culture. In 2012, she helped the NFO Koshland Fellows of the San Francisco Foundation launch the North Fair Oaks Youth Initiative leadership program. She spearheaded its integration into the Siena Youth Center of the St. Francis Center, thus expanding and strengthening programming for older youth in the area. Carmela has also held various leadership and volunteer positions for many years with the OYE Youth Conference – an annual event for 400+ youth and their parents to explore questions of identity and build community. Most recently, she was the Office Manager of the Immigration Institute of the Bay Area in Redwood City.

Proficient in non-profit administration and program management, Carmela brings a track record of fostering a positive environment for teams, handling complex administrative tasks, advancing DEI initiatives, and empowering local community members to reach their potential as leaders. She is also an avid musician, having run her own music teaching studio for five years. In her free time she enjoys playing music, spending time with family and friends, and leading a healthy lifestyle. Connect with Carmela on LinkedIn.