Rosa Nelson


Rosa Nelson joins Nuestra Casa as the Water Justice Program Coordinator. Rosa started by leading a team of outreach workers to conduct tap water quality tests in homes throughout East Palo Alto. That work quickly led to a small program distributing water filters to community members. She is now working on longer-term solutions to drinking water equity including research into local water affordability and quality, community organizing, and policy advocacy. Says Rosa, “I am passionate about environmental justice, specifically water quality, because I firmly believe everyone deserves access to clean, safe drinking water. Safe drinking water is a basic human right, and I want to work to ensure sustainable water access for the community of EPA.” 

Rosa has a BA in Environmental Studies from Saint Mary’s College of California. Her undergraduate research was in blue carbon sequestration in the Contra Costa Wetlands. When Rosa is not with us, you can find her hiking the hills of the Bay Area or upcycling clothes.

Connect with Rosa on LinkedIn.