Working with local LIBRE partners, Nuestra Casa helps families achieve stability by making sure their basic needs are met.

The public charge test has changed and should be easier for most people to pass. Get the facts from

LIBRE—Linking Immigrants to Benefits, Resources & Education—was born out of the need to help immigrant families achieve stability. Many immigrants do not apply for government benefits because they are concerned about the public charge rule affecting their immigration options. LIBRE’s partner organizations help our immigrant community navigate these concerns, educate them about safety net services available, and link them to specific agencies in their communities to assist them with the enrollment process.

Nuestra Casa’s Promotoras work hard to educate and engage families who have questions about benefits. Our Promotoras then refer families to our partners for more direct support. 

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How LIBRE Can Help You & Your Family

Get Help Applying for Benefits

LIBRE has three assistor sites that help families and individuals apply for public benefits: Fair Oaks Community Center, Coastside Hope, and JobTrain. Contact one of our assistor sites to get help applying for Medi-Cal, CalFresh/Food Stamps, CalWORKs, CAPI, Unemployment, State Disability, and Social Security. Contact information: ENGLISH SPANISH

Get Immigration Representation & Assistance

LIBRE also provides limited immigration representation and assistance, including consultations and assistance with VAWA, U VISA, and SIJS for children under 21 who qualify. Legal Aid of San Mateo County is our lead partner for this initiative. A designated LIBRE attorney can be reached if community members have legal questions regarding their benefits. Call (650) 517-8936 to schedule an appointment.

Find Out if Public Charge Affects You

Public charge is a rule that immigration can use to deny an application for permanent residence (green card) or certain other visas if the applicant is likely to depend on certain government programs in the future. The public charge test only looks at certain benefits that the applicant receives. Visit and click “Use the Guide” to see if public benefits could affect different benefit options. For more information and contact information for organizations that can help: ENGLISH SPANISH

Apply or Renew DACA

Immigration is now accepting new DACA applications & renewals. Because courts could make further changes, our LIBRE partner organizations recommend consulting a trusted immigration provider for the latest updates before applying. See attached list of nonprofit immigration legal services agencies: ENGLISH SPANISH