Our Promotoras are the heart of everything we do. They are passionate leaders and trusted messengers in our community.

The Promotora—or community outreach worker—model grew out of a movement that started in Latin America in the 1960s. When hard-to-reach communities were in dire need of critical health information, community-based organizations began training Promotoras to provide necessary health information to their neighbors and friends. At Nuestra Casa and many of our partner organizations, the model has evolved beyond health care to include a broader set of social issues and services best addressed through trained community members’ networks.

At Nuestra Casa, our unique model trains, supports, and coaches Promotoras to take ownership of their neighborhood. These passionate leaders are parents and trusted messengers in our community who care deeply about justice and equity. They organize neighbors, facilitate workshops, and guide our programmatic priorities. We host an annual Promotora training to build upon their leadership, advocacy, outreach skills, and knowledge of community resources and initiatives. Watch a video about our Promotoras program here.

Program Features 

Basic Training

We offer introductory Promotora training once a year at our offices. We currently have a large and robust group of Promotoras. At Nuestra Casa we focus on leadership, personal, and professional growth training for our Promotoras every two months. These training sessions are open to leaders and Promotoras from other organizations. To learn more about the program, contact info@nuestracasa.org


Our promotoras are the backbone of many other programs and campaigns, including COVID-19, Project LIBRE, Parent Academies, and Food Distribution. They also lead many of our community workshops.

Ongoing Training

We offer ongoing bi-monthly training for staff promotoras to support their development and wellbeing.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs Basic Training

Anyone who is curious about the promotora model and wants to learn about what it means to be a promotora is welcome to join us for our yearly training. You must live in East Palo Alto, Belle Haven (eastern Menlo Park), or Redwood City.
We currently have a large and robust group of Promotores. At Nuestra Casa we offer leadership, personal, and professional growth training for our Promotores every two months. These trainings are open to leaders and Promotores from other organizations. Please check back frequently to get updates on the schedule.
No. We provide all the training materials.
Yes, please email info@nuestracasa.org for interest in Promotora training.
Typically, we provide child care for our annual training. If training is offered virtually, however, child care will not be available. We do not provide child care at any additional promotora trainings or workshops.
English language proficiency is not required for our promotora program or trainings.
Our trainings are conducted in Spanish.
No prior experience with computers is needed. We train our promotoras on technology use and email basics.
No. But we will challenge our promotoras to develop and give presentations.
No. You just have to have love for community, advocacy, and creating positive change in our community.

FAQs Employment

No, it depends on interest and availability. It also depends on organizational needs at the time.
After graduating from the promotora training, promotoras are hired for 20 hours a month and paid by check each month.