We support our community members to access critical services and flex their inherent leadership.

We believe that when our community members have the support and tools to access critical services and flex their inherent leadership, they will transform our schools, public institutions, and community to be more responsive to the needs of our families. Three core strategies inform every program, event, workshop, and advocacy effort we undertake:

Community Education: We partner with Latino families to help them navigate the complicated systems that impact their lives from immigration to social services to health care. Nuestra Casa develops our educational offerings in direct response to the needs of our members—ranging from financial literacy to English classes, from adolescent parenting skills workshops to immigrants’ rights training.

Leadership Development: We activate Latino parents and other members of our community to participate in civic and educational settings. We support them by unlocking their natural leadership abilities to effectively advocate for their kids, environmental justice, and fair housing. Our network of trained Promotoras are community leaders who use their power to build trust with our members and respond to the needs of the community as educators and advocates.

Community-Driven Advocacy: We use our collective power to shape policies and programs which can make our community more equitable, prosperous, and healthy. Recent wins include helping establish and implement an environmental justice amendment for the SF Bay Plan, collaborating with community partners to ensure a fair and accurate census count, and launching our Food Recovery program that provides fresh fruit and vegetables to nearly 6,000 residents a month.