“This isn’t just a job. People are really counting on me and Nuestra Casa. This is what motivates me every day!”

Sonia Escobedo, Food Distribution Coordinator

Every fiscal year, we like to take a look back at where we’ve been and what we’ve accomplished. Our Impacto Comunitario report shares our impact “by the numbers” as well as some stories from our work.

Providing an average of 5,429 grocery kits per month, and rescuing 15,347 pounds of edible food from landfill.

Informing 17,130 community members about safety net resources and immigration support.

Informing 12,000+ community members per month, on average, about COVID prevention, vaccination, & rent relief.

Registering 50 people to vote, informing 2,329 community members about 2022 primary elections, & connecting 943 residents to civic engagement activities.