We build leaders who transform our local community and pave the road for generations to come.

At Nuestra Casa, we stand by our community’s side to help them navigate institutions, build people power, and use their voice to shape a new, more equitable community. Our programs in East Palo Alto and its surrounding communities build leaders who transform our local community and are actively engaged in our local economy, school district, and civic life. Together, we will build a community that leaves no one behind. 

Our Mission

We exist to uplift Latino families in East Palo Alto and the mid-peninsula through community education, leadership development, and advocacy.

Our Vision

Nuestra Casa envisions a vibrant mid-peninsula community united around shared values, where every resident thrives—no matter where he or she lives. Through civic engagement activities and collaborative community action, our families in East Palo Alto, Belle Haven, and North Fair Oaks are paving the road for other generations to follow. 

Our Superpowers

  • We are responsive to emerging community needs in real time.
  • Our community, donors, and partners trust our word and commitment because we make good on our promises.
  • Generosity and sharing are key—we always collaborate and share resources when an issue or program calls for it.

Our History

We started as a small grassroots organization in 2002, created to serve the needs of the emerging Latino population in East Palo Alto. Early programming included our Parent Academy and English Language Program. With the support and collaboration of local funders and partners, these programs continue today, along with many more like our Housing and Environmental Justice programs. Our reach also extends beyond East Palo Alto to Belle Haven, North Fair Oaks, and Redwood City. But one thing remains the same – we are an organization “of the community, by the community, for the community.” We firmly believe that our community members have the solutions to the challenges they face. Our job is to create safe spaces for community members to develop concrete solutions and open doors for them to reach decision-makers. A short timeline of our history is available here.