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by Olivia Fu, Sophia Manolis, Maya Rozin, & Abby Taylor (Stanford University)

As community members in East Palo Alto continue to deal with the crushing impacts of COVID-19 shutdowns and financial setbacks, the stability, security, and affordability of housing is a primary concern. And rightly so – although East Palo Alto has some of the most progressive housing policies in the local area, tenants like Araceli continue to witness and fear displacement as more tech companies move in and economic pressures increase. Thus, policies that address the true needs of the EPA community are needed. This housing policy blueprint seeks to address the gap between what is currently legal and what is just, centering those impacted by housing injustices in EPA, by promoting anti-displacement and long-term affordability strategies. Read the blueprint.

Thank you to Stanford Professor Rick Kos who leads the Sustainable Cities class and students Olivia Fu, Sophia Manolis, Maya Rozin, & Abby Taylor for their enthusiasm and dedication to this project.