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“East Palo Alto residents are continuing to question the quality of their water. On Thursday, the nonprofit organization Nuestra Casa held a community event to help connect residents directly affected.” We were excited to host a panel discussion on Water Equity for East Palo Alto on September 29, 2023. KQED Forum’s Alexis Madrigal moderated a panel of community members and experts: EPA Mayor, Lisa Gauthier, community member, Heleine McNack, SPUR sustainability and resilience policy director, Laura Feinstein, water affordability and resilience consultant, Max Gomberg, and Climate Resilient Communities’ community organizer and program director, Cade Cannedy. This ABC7 story captures the range complex issues discussed during the event, which included the history of water rights in our community and a discussion of the policy solutions needed to measurably improve the water system in East Palo Alto.